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New Windows Can Save You Money on Utility Bills

Window salespeople make many claims about energy savings. How true are these claims? Good quality windows, installed properly, can yield substantial energy savings. How much you save depends on the type of window you choose and the type and condition of the windows you are replacing.

In the average home, 38 percent of the heat loss is through windows and doors. If your home has drafty single-pane windows or single-pane aluminum sliders, the heat loss from windows may be as much as 50 percent. The poorer the performance of your old windows, the more dramatic the savings, which alone could cover the cost of your new window investment .

Here’s why: Energy  efficient windows end up being cheaper in the long term, due to lower energy consumption, and are better for the environment.    Here’s an example of how “changing your old windows ” could affect what you pay:




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Window Openings

Many people don’t realize that you don’t have to replace your old windows with new ones that have the same opening style.

Air leakage in and around windows is a big factor in the window’s overall thermal performance. In terms of air leakage, the best are fixed ones; meaning, can’t open or close. There simply aren’t any gaps for air to find its way through.

While useless for ventilation or for escaping a fire, fixed windows may be an excellent option in certain locations. Nearly as good are “casements” or awning-style windows that crank open and closed. Because the seals are slightly compressed  when the window is closed, which makes it harder for air leaks to develop.

The least efficient opening style is sliders. Many people select sliders simply because that is what they’ve always had. There are plenty of good sliders on the market, but they have to rely more on other features, such as low-E coatings (see below) and more glazing layers, to deliver top energy performance. Sliders, which have more joints and gaps, are also more susceptible to air leaks as the seals age and get worn or lose their resiliency.

Purchasing the Best Window for Your Home


Obviously, you need to get price comparisons to make a decision. Keep in mind that a good portion of your cost is installation, so it makes sense to leverage those costs by installing a better window. Here are some guidelines:

Buy a double-pane window with a low U-factor when:

  • You don’t expect to live in the house for long..
  • You have cheaper gas or oil heating..
  • You expect energy prices to remain stable or drop.
  • You expect to have more income in 10-15 years.

Buy a triple-pane window with a very low U-factor when:

  • You expect to live in the house  for 10 years or more.
  • You have high-priced  electric heat.
  • You expect energy prices to rise quickly.
  • You expect to have less income in 10-15 years.

How Do I Find Out if I Qualify?

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